When I started this blog 4 years ago, I was just looking for something that would push me forward in my Chinese studies. I didn’t take it too seriously; it was just a general-purpose “learn Chinese” blog.

Looking at it today, I’ve found I have quite a few visitors, and they have something in common: They almost all came from Google, searching for HSK materials.

Since I was growing weary of my old blog, it made sense that I would move it to something more HSK-focused. I read up on how to do a re-brand. “To make your brand more memorable,” one tip said, “make it two alliterated words.” I immediately began pouring over lists of words that start with “h.”

The obvious one is of course “HSK Hacker” (or maybe “HSK Hacks”). But there’s already a famous Chinese blog out there called Hacking Chinese, and my intent is not to copy. So I kept digging:

  • HSK Hawk?
  • HSK Honey?
  • HSK Hippo?
  • HSK Heliotrope?

It wasn’t going well. Since my picture occasionally shows up, “HSK Hunk” wouldn’t work. “HSK Hallucinations”? That’s pretty hard to spell, defeating the purpose of that easy two-word tip.

In the end, on a night I couldn’t get to sleep, I logged into my web hosting service and paid the money for “hskhacker.com.” It was decided. I’ll no doubt lose some SEO over this, but potentially foregoing the $0.04 a month I was raking in is a small price to pay.

The big question still hanging in the air is: Can I change this WordPress theme without everything getting totally messed up?

Photo: Taipei 101, ©2019 Elijah Wilcott