This video is the first in a series on “How I Study with ChinesePod,” this one covering the Newbie level.

A few more comments:

  • The video I made about how I download and organize ChinesePod lessons in iTunes is here.
  • I would always click the “Studied” button after finishing the Exercises tab.
  • Just before I quit teaching English to go to Chinese school full-time, I asked my best English students what was their #1 secret of success. The best tip I got was from Emily, who told me that she loves to impersonate people. As I mention in the video, I took that tip to heart, and it put me way ahead of my classmates on pronunciation. As a Newbie, I found my mouth actually sore from repeatedly impersonating each person in the dialogues.
  • Sorry everyone: The more Chinese I know, the worse my English becomes. Example: It should be “As your expectation rise,” not “As your expectations raise.”

Here’s a YouKu version if the above doesn’t work where you are:

Photo: Windmill at Camp Ironwood, California © 2005 Elijah Wilcott