Discovered in the 1970’s, this amazing collection of thousands of individually crafted warriors dates back to the time of the Qin Dynasty in the third century B.C. The last photo in this gallery is a modern statue of 秦始皇 Qínshǐhuáng, the first emperor of China who had these warriors crafted to guard his tomb.

What I’m about to say is unbelievable to me, but here I go: Thanks to Instagram for saving these pictures. When Instagram first came out, I turned my nose up at those silly “old picture” filters. Perhaps at the time it was just about making digital look old, but there are some very useful features there now.

I was initially very disappointed with how these pictures turned out. Not only was the room lit by sunlight, and therefore dark, but it was a cloudy day on top of it. The pictures were flatter than a pancake before I ran them through the Ludwig filter (usually with some additional modification) a couple of weeks ago.

Featured Image: Elijah Wilcott, 2007