This was my 5-minute “Goodbye” to video work.

Just before heading to China for the first time in 2005, I stopped in super-hot Yermo California to spend a week at Camp Ironwood. I worked there for two summers during college, and I wanted to give 5 days to shooting video for them.

It was just me, a Sony DCR-TRV950 miniDV camcorder (still in my closet!), a pathetic little flimsy tripod, a MacBook Pro, and Final Cut Express 1.0.

Yep. FCE 1.0. It was a solid but pretty bare-bones program, and all the picture-in-picture stuff I did was purely by the numbers. Which actually serves me well now that I exclusively use Avid; Avid is like a Ferrari-priced blast from the past. But I digress…

I showed up on Monday. During the day I shot footage. At night I put it together. Saturday morning I handed them a miniDV master and moved on.

Tons of fun.

My Nightstand Editing Station

My Nightstand Editing Station

I got all nostalgic yesterday, and wrote to Miss Carol to see if they had posted it anywhere. Sure enough, it’s on YouTube!